We’ve been hard at working recording new songs. 

We’ll be releasing one of those songs for you in August. 

It’s called By The Bay (La Revolución).

Come celebrate with us on Friday, August 8 at Mercury Lounge. 

Doors 7:30. 21+ $10


We did an interview with Wordkrapht.com’s editor, Victor Alfieri, for their FeminIndie series.  Read an excerpt below!

"I have a confession to make. I LOVE Hey Anna!!! There I said it and I feel much better now. I’ve kept it inside for too long. Sit down, plug the headphones in and join me. With three voices that blend seamlessly, lyrics that take you on a journey, and a sensible pop ideology that strays away from today’s noise, this is a band that creates feelings like every day is the Friday afternoon of a long weekend.

The sisters Rauch-Sasseen (Anna, Katie & Erin) have that familiarity that only siblings can have, and it creates a sense of comfort when you hear them harmonize. The new listener will have no clue which of the sisters is singing lead and won’t care. It’s all spot on and beautiful.

The two remaining members, Matthew Langner (drums) and Andrew Smolin (lead guitar) fit on perfectly and complete the puzzle. Langner is present throughout, but never over-powering. Smolin plays in and out of the vocals smoothly creating a textured layer to the velvet the ladies provide.”